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Why Donate Far Away?

Kodiak Baptist Mission is very dependent on support from donations. The question has been asked - why would people in the lower 48 support a place in Alaska that has an after school program when there is a local one right down the street? Or why support KBM in any way when our support can be given in the same way locally? Local missions are extremely important. But I wanted to share my “why” on this question in the way I see it.

Kodiak is a hard place to live. It is beautiful and there are benefits and upsides, but Its a hard place to live and thrive. With that being said, there are people here who were planted here and will stay here forever. And also people who are here because of the Coast Guard or Navy that know this isn’t permanent. Or people here because of the fishing industry just trying to support their families. In all of these scenarios you have a web that together creates an environment with a large number of the population leaving and new coming in on a regular basis. These kids and families see people moving in and out constantly. You make a friend, friend moves away. You find a teacher you like and trust, teacher moves away. The kids that I work with count on people around them leaving them. All the while, they still have to stay and make their way. I don’t know about where you are from, but where we are from it’s nothing to start kindergarten and graduate with the majority of kids being the same. It’s a norm.

That is why Kodiak Baptist Mission is so important. Because they have done their best to stay for over 100 years, in a place that is so hard to live - but yet where there has always been life. Life that needs Jesus. Life that needs food security. Life that needs support. And frankly, sometimes even entertainment. (Like open barns and community events) That’s why KBM is different than down the street. It’s a hard life and an expensive life to be here. But we want to stay, because people here need stability. They need “stay” and our “stay” can give people hope. Every day hope and hope in Jesus Christ.

Jodi Peterson

Kodiak Baptist Mission Missionary

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