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Kodiak Island imports over 90% of all its goods, including food.  Everyday we are working to increase our food sustainability by making it more available to all our island community and helping to educate youth on how to be active participants in the food on their table.  

Keep an eye out for some great camps coming summer of 2024 with our lead farmer Kelli Foreman. 


Some of the Topics We Cover 

What's All The Clucking About 
     Baby chicks are coming to the farm
-    I Got My Eye On You
     Get Readying for all things potatoes
     (We should be welcoming new baby goats)
-   Cleaning Up the Gardens and the Livestock Love It
    Nothing goes to waste, how all the animals help each other out 
- The Language of Livestoc 
     Baby chicks are coming to the farm
-    The Responsibility of a Farmer 
    We have a wide variety of farm animals, all with special needs.  It's 
     our responsibility as farmers to care for them the best we can.
-    Farm Equipment and Our Marine Tractor 
     Kodiak has a few unique pieces of farm equipment 
-    Falling Into the Farm
    A behind the gate look of all the happens at KBM's Heritage Farm & Ranch
-    Prepping for a Kodiak Winter 
     Everything from bedding, indoor spaces, animal's winter coats, and more
-    Worms! 
     The rotten side of farm life, the working worms, and all the hard work that
     goes on without us seeing
- It's Time to Talk Dairy 
    Get a closer look at all that goes into being a Grade A Certified Dairy 
- Yogurt, Cheese, and More
    What you can make with milk 
-  Let's Talk Goats 
    Goats are a very important part of our farm and a lot goes into caring for them every day.  
    Join us as we talk and experience the wonderful life of being a goat. 
-  What's a Larder? 
    How can we all be ready for winter no matter where we are.  We take a look at how we 
    can prepare in our homes and what a livestock larder looks like.  
-  It's Turkey Time!  Are You Ready For Thanksgiving? 
    Kids make an all Alaskan Grown Thanksgiving Feast. 

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