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Psalms 16:11

There are many paths in Kodiak that take you to a variety of places. Some paths lead to the top of a mountain, while others meander around a peaceful lake. Each path has its own beauty and destination.

On one particular day we chose the path to the top of Monashka mountain. A path, well defined, and easy to follow. The mountain offered difficult areas to climb, but the path forward was always defined. Following this path led us to the summit, a place where beauty and peace abound.The views are spectacular in all directions. The surrounding mountains are lush with Emerald green grass, Sitka spruce, and Alders swaying in the wind. Ocean waters below sparkle, touched by the sun. Wispy clouds float between the mountains, causing views to change. Sitting at the summit brings peace and rest from the climb.

A different direction down led us to an area where the path was not there. Tall salmon berries consumed us, Alders making it difficult to walk. The path gone, leaving a question as to which way to go. We had to circle back and find the defined path that led to the summit.

Our trip down the mountain became easier, we knew which way to go on the defined path.

Psalms 16:11 tells us: “ You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

Just as that path allowed us to know the direction we needed to go, God makes His path known in our lives. His path is defined because of Jesus. His path brings eternal peace.

Kodiak Baptist Mission is grateful for the defined path that God has given . We pray daily that we stay on His path as we lead children. We know His path is the only one that leads to eternal peace. His path leads to Jesus. A path worthy of taking.

Take His path.

Find Jesus.

Eddy and Fran Campbell

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