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  • Kelli Foreman

A Harvest Festival To Remember

The air was filled with laughter and excitement as our community came together to celebrate the annual Harvest Festival. It was a day of vibrant colors, delicious food, and heartwarming moments, all made possible by the selfless volunteers who dedicated their time and energy. We at Kodiak Baptist Mission wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ through fellowship and shared experiences. Here are a few of the memorable highlights of the festival, from the lively carnival to the delicious treats and the heartwarming sense of togetherness.

The Dedicated Volunteers:

The Harvest Festival would not have been possible without the incredible volunteers who selflessly poured their hearts into creating a memorable experience for everyone. Jodi Peterson led the charge coming up with great games for all ages. From booth to booth everyone’s smiling faces and boundless energy were contagious, spreading joy at every corner. Their commitment to the event's success truly showcased the power of community and the impact of people coming together for a common cause.

Irresistible Treats:

Evan Jones, Drew, and Steph North, for putting together a great spread of fall favorites for everyone to enjoy free of charge. One couldn't help but be in awe of the thoughtful sugar cookies, intricately decorated with care and love, thanks Brylee. The tantalizing smell of s'mores roasting over an open fire enticed both young and old, creating a great atmosphere. A big thank you to Dave Johnson for the smoked pork! It was delicious.

Fun-filled Carnival:

The carnival was the heart of the festival, buzzing with energy and excitement. Children and adults alike reveled in the plethora of games and activities, from classic ring tosses to pumpkin bowling. Laughter filled the air as families competed, bonded, and created lasting memories together. The carnival provided a space for everyone to let loose, embrace their inner child, and experience pure joy.

The Barn Performance:

The adorable piglets and sow stole the show with their lively barn performance. Their playful antics and amusing interactions delighted the crowd, captivating both young and old. It was a reminder of the beauty and wonder that animals bring into our lives. Alongside the barn performance, there were friendly animals to pet, providing a soothing and therapeutic experience for those seeking comfort in the presence of these gentle creatures.

Healing Through Community:

Above all, the Harvest Festival served as a reminder of the power of community and shared experiences. People from different walks of life came together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. The joy and laughter that permeated the event. Kodiak Baptist Mission is always looking for ways to spread the love of Jesus Christ and the Harvest Festival of 2023 did just that.


The Harvest Festival was an unforgettable celebration of community, smiles, and shared blessings. Through the dedication of volunteers, the delicious food, the lively carnival, the barn performance, and the sense of togetherness, the event brought joy and some unforgettable family memories.

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