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  • Kelli Foreman

Doors to Open June 1st

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Kodiak Baptist Mission has been running emergency childcare for essential

personal since March when the community's Hunker Down order went into

effect. The nearly 150 children dropped drastically to single digits as

everyone tried to weather this new storm of Covid-19.

As the country begins to reopen, Alaska has moved to the second phase of a

five stage process. We have been given the green light to open our

children's programs at a limited level. Kelly Bell, KBM’s school

programs director has worked tirelessly to develop a new normal that she

and the rest of the KBM team are very excited about.

Students will be in pods of eight students with one lead teacher. We

are excited to see this little community of children and staff develop

strong meaningful relationships together. For us at KBM it's about

sharing the love of Jesus Christ and this will give us a wonderful

opportunity to have more intentional ministry, Bell says.

Having a large diverse campus, Kodiak Baptist Mission hopes to grow the

pods throughout the summer and serve as many children and families as

possible, while keeping to the guidelines of our Emergency Operation


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