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A Clear Calling From God

Updated: May 19, 2020

Gene O'Handley is a behind the scenes star at Kodiak Baptist Mission

Gene O’Handley is the Kodiak Baptist Mission maintenance director and has

been for the past seven years. He found the job opening at KBM on our

website, sent in his application, had a phone interview and drove up the

ALCAN sight unseen. There is no question Gene followed after a strong

calling on his life from the Lord. Daily he puts to work his unique and

amazing abilities.

He has led the charge the past five years in revitalizing our 1930s

established campus and making it an incredible place to do ministry from.

Recently he began work to renew our pavilion building down on Mission

Road. As he tore away the old siding it was clear the job was much bigger

than originally anticipated. There was a great deal of rot and he could

make the walls sway with a push of his hands. He just kept tearing away

the old until he got right down to the bones and started putting it

together again (there's a good sermon in that).

If you've seen pictures around our campus you can't miss the brightly

painted building. That was Gene. Even though he is quiet and reserved he

has a very loud voice and speaks through the work of his hands and his

dedication to the Lord. Gene met his wife Cheyenne at KBM and they have

two wonderful children. We are thankful for all they do to make Kodiak

Baptist Mission what it is.

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