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  • Eddie & Fran Campbell


1 Samuel 3:9

On any particular day in Kodiak you can hear a variety of sounds.

Float planes make their presence known by a distinctive rumbling engine sound, as a louder, stronger engine sound lets you know that a C130 is flying overhead guarding the coastline.

A low humming motor echoes across the rolling ocean as a fishing vessel powers thru the water, causing waves to leave a crashing clap on the waiting shoreline. The buoy marking the channel produces a haunting song of melody as if the rolling waves were a conductor directing each sound.


Ravens cackle, announcing that they are searching for food; while eagles perch high on a pine swag emit a high pitch whistle telling the world that they are in charge.

A visit to the river reveals sounds of splashing bear chasing salmon - as the occasional loon hoots giving a soft, short call directing your attention.


Melted snow rushes through the Red Cloud river, applauding the wind of the pine as if a song is being sung.

The sounds of Kodiak are loud at times, other times peaceful, but always noticeable. Beautiful and sometimes alarming, yet always distinctive. Each sound directing your attention to what is calling for your attention.


Of all the sounds we hear on a daily basis, the sound of God’s leading is the one we need to strive to hear.

Just as Samuel in 1 Samuel 3:9 heard the sound of God calling him, we pray that we also hear and listen to the Voice calling. Kodiak Baptist Mission knows that the sound of God leading is the only sound worthy of following. We pray that we also say, “ Speak Lord, your servant is listening” 1 Samuel 3:9 .

The Voice from Jesus calling in the dark of the night, or the busy work- packed day is the only sound that we need to listen to as we lead the children toward the One worthy. His sound is perfect. Sounds.


God speaks.

Jesus directs.


Eddy and Fran

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