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  • Kelli Foreman

It's Nice to Miss

Updated: May 19, 2020

Having Things Worth Missing

Have you missed anything these past few months? People, places, activities, anything? The Kodiak Baptist Mission’s grounds are normally full of life and activity with children from one corner of our campus to the other. Today, however it’s quite. No hustle and bustle and activity. Normally the anticipation of summer and Crab Festival would overwhelm nearly everyone as the green shoots push up from the ground and the promise of Salmon Berries show with each pink bloom. Instead Crab Festival has been postponed and school will end virtually.

But, how wonderful to miss something. You normally don’t miss something you don’t like in the first place. I think we have all been missing a lot lately and I’ve turned to instead of feeling down and out about all we don’t have, I am thankful for all the things we get to miss. There is so much joy and life in our everyday and God has a wonderful plan for us all. So today I hope you will join me in being thankful for such a wonderful world, full of things to miss!

What are you missing?

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