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Deuteronomy 32:1

Standing on a riverbank in Kodiak allows for wildlife to be seen. A flock of gulls hovering, salmon frantically swimming up the river, kingfishers flying from one Sitka spruce to another, eagles sitting high in trees, or bears moving about their kingdom. The river always provides ample opportunity for sightings of wildlife in their habitat. At times though, the wildlife is not easily seen, ( except the gulls- they are always seen and heard!)

You can hear the eagles and kingfishers but not see them, the salmon go deep in a hole and are not visible, the bear mysteriously hides in the brush. They are there, just not visible to us if we aren’t paying attention. Following the sounds in the air and ripples in the water will lead you to them if you listen and watch. A Sitka Spruce branch moves as the kingfisher sings and emerges into your sight, the salmon appear from below with a ripple in the river that catches your eye, the eagle stretches his massive wings that causes your eye to find him in the tree, the crackling of an Alder turns your eyes to a bear emerging from the brush.

If we watch and listen we will see the beauty of the wild revealed. Just like needing to be quiet and listen to see and hear wildlife, we also need to be still and listen to hear God. He is there waiting to be seen and heard. We must stop and listen. Our lives can be busy and keep us from listening and being still. To listen, we need to be still. We need to be quiet.

Deuteronomy 32:1 tells us,” Listen, you heavens, and I will speak; hear, you earth, the words of my mouth.”

God is speaking, He wants to be heard. His beauty is waiting to be revealed and heard. Take time from your busy day and just listen. His mercies will be revealed in the splendor of His glory! God is here. God is speaking. Listen.

Our prayer at KBM is that we will listen to the Words of the One who is in control. Jesus. God. We want His words to be heard. We want Jesus to speak. We want His beauty to be revealed!

Eddie and Fran Campbell

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