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  • Kelli Foreman

Foundation Work

Have you ever driven by a construction site where it didn’t appear like much was happening? There’s a big sign with the company's name running the project and an impressive picture of what everything will look like when the project is complete. Still, from the picture to the property, it’s hard to imagine all that will actually be in live form by the projected completion date.

You drive by a few months later and there in the field are flags, string maybe a couple of posts in the ground a pile of dirt here or there and that’s it. What could possibly be happening? Then a few more months and there’s some digging, maybe some cement pieces, but everything seems to be taking a very long time.

We know that if the foundation is weak, it doesn’t matter how amazing the building, it won’t be there for long. I grew up singing “The wise man built his house upon the rock” and loved the parable in the bible. It was a great lesson to “Build your life on the Lord Jesus Christ”. The wind and waves may shake me, but in Jesus, I can withstand all the storms.

At Kodiak Baptist Mission we are about the foundation work. This work isn’t very flashy and at times to the quick glance or passersby, it may appear that we are just merely providing daycare for children. But don’t be deceived, the most important part of the construction process is taking place. We provide a safe, loving Christ-centered environment giving children plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Our staff love Jesus and make it a priority to share his love in everything they do. At Kodiak Baptist Mission we teach the foundational values of the bible and what the Christian life is all about. We support families by opening our doors wide and often so that they can make memories together and fill this valuable time intentionally.

We pray daily that these children’s foundations are being built with God’s strength and that as they grow into the person God has designed them to be this foundation will hold firm.

You know that construction site you drove by again and again and never saw much happening. Remember the day you drove by and took a double-take wondering when all that work happened? We feel that same way when we see our grown preschoolers. For so many months and years we were part of the slow-building process and then one day they’re grown.

But as we remind all our grown kiddos, just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re all grown up. We all need to keep working on our foundation, reinforcing it. Thankfully, just like these kids we still have all the foundational tools from our childhood to keep us strong.

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