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  • Kelli Foreman

Dinner Fellowship

Matthew 5:6

The sound of laughter and conversation filled the room we call The Heritage Center tonight at dinner. It was a good sound. The pandemic has kept that comforting sound silent the past few months. There was joy as friends sat around tables and told stories about their day. It was good.

I couldn’t but help notice the empty chairs that were scattered around our tables. They were meant for you, our friends, who were supposed to be here for dinner. We were looking forward to hearing your stories, your laughter and conversation. The pandemic has kept you from being at our tables , and we miss you. A lot. We want you at our tables.

Jesus also sat around tables with his friends enjoying their company while breaking bread. Jesus used the meals to connect to his followers. I picture him laughing with his friends, teaching them about the Scriptures, and just listening to his friends. He welcomed any and all to the table. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” He wants us to come to his table and be filled. He wants us at his table! He has a place at his table waiting for us.

Just as Jesus welcomed all to the table, we here at KBM do the same.

We look forward to the day when you fill the empty seats around our tables. We want to hear you laugh, we want to hear about your day , we want you at our tables.

Come, sit and have dinner with us.

Be filled with Jesus.

Sit at His table.

He is waiting.

Fran Campbell

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