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  • Kelli Foreman


Exodus 33:14

In this season of the pandemic, schedules and life are different. Our arena on any typical – non pandemic year- would be bustling with life. Pioneer Days, Horse camp, Kids Farmer market, and many other events would fill the now quiet arena. Sounds of laughter, horses, and shuffling feet would have filled the air, echoing throughout the campus. Families would have gathered at the fence as they watched and marveled as their child bravely rode a horse through the arena. Children would have been waiting in line to have a turn to rope a goat or ride a mule called Maytag. But, not this season.

We have been able to have a limited few camps that have brought smiles and accomplishments to a few children, but not like the past. Covid19 has changed our course. There are fewer sounds of laughter, moving horses, and shuffling feet because of the pandemic.The arena sits empty more than usual, waiting to be filled with horses, children, and activity. It is a quiet, resting look.

This pandemic saddened us , as we looked forward to the many camps, children, and Mission teams that would have filled our arena on any typical day this summer. Plans were made that would have filled the arena daily. But , God said rest. Exodus 33:14 tells us : “The LORD replied, “ My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

In this season of uncertainty, God gives us rest. Perhaps God is saying, rest my children, lean on Me for a while and I will give you rest. Perfect rest. Peaceful rest. We are letting this season of rest renew our mind, body, and soul to continue the work that God has given us here at Kodiak Baptist Mission. We strive every day for His peace and strength as we do His work. His work is what Kodiak Baptist Mission is all about. We know His presence is here and we thank Him for rest. The arena may not be full, and a bit more quiet this year , but that hasn’t changed our focus to fill the hearts of every child that attends a camp with the love and peace that only Jesus offers, even in this season of rest. We strive to fill their heart with Jesus. We are resting in His presence and look forward to being renewed by His strength and peace, as we are filled with His presence and perfect rest.

Quiet, focus, listening rest. Be filled.

Rest in Jesus. Fran and Ed Campbell

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