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  • Eddie & Fran Campbell

Happy New Year.

The phrase we hope that changes our lives. A new year, a new beginning, a new life. We hope.

Midnight does change the date, but cancer remains for those battling, hunger remains for those needing food, the weather doesn't stop being destructive because it's a new year. But, we hope.

Bells are rung, fireworks are shot into the dark sky bringing colors of joy, wishes of happiness are spread for a happy new year. Hope - of a happy new year. We hope.

The changing of a date, a particular food to be eaten, or a phrase, can give us a false sense of hope. Covid, cancer, destruction, or sin doesn't know, or care, it's a new year that should bring us happiness, peace, and a better life. A happy new year is not about a date on the calendar. Dates on calendars come and go.

Yes, 2020 was not a year we all had planned, It was a tough year. We do hope for a happy new year, a year of peace, a year of better, a year of family and fun.

Yes, we can hope. We can hope for a Happy New Year, because of Jesus! We Hope in the One that brings peace. We Hope in the fact that He can make someone's day better. We Hope in the fact that we can show His love by imitating the One that showed us how to love. We have hope.

Help the needy. Love the hurting. Be a light in the darkness.

We do have the hope of a happy new year. 2021 might still bring cancer, destruction, and sadness, but We have Jesus. . He never changes. His peace and love is the same every change of a date, every new year, every new day. Jesus was with us in 2020, and will be with us in 2021. Look for Him.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Happy New Year!

Help make it a happy new year for those that need help. Show Jesus. Kodiak Baptist Mission prays that 2021 brings you closer to our Lord, Jesus. Hopefully, we will see you here, if not, know you are in our prayers!

Fran and Ed Campbell

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