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  • Kelli Foreman

You Are God's Field

1 Corinthians 3:9

For we are co- workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Last week was a busy week at Kodiak Baptist Mission. Each day was filled with various jobs that needed done. The goats were tended to , making sure they had food , water, and milked at the appropriate time.

The fields were mowed and are looking like a beautiful park – like setting. The Pavilion is quickly becoming a new building which will host many family gatherings. The Potato Patch field is now an actual potato patch.

Co- workers at Kodiak Baptist Mission gathered together and with hoes , shovels, and bare hands prayerfully planted potatoes. All working together as each potato was fertilized, planted, and covered with soil. Hands were dirty, knees were dirty, arms were sore from every furrow made with the hoe.

I couldn’t but help notice the smiles on everyone's face and hear the laughter echoing throughout the potato patch as each row was finished. It was hard work, but everyone worked together to complete the job. These potatoes will provide food and perhaps kindness to our fellow neighbors. We look forward to the day of harvest.

Planting of these potatoes also reminded me that we are in God’s field. A Spiritual field. A field more important than the potatoes, the mowing, the goats, or any physical building.

A field that is full of children and families that need The Seed planted in their lives. A field that we are called to be co- workers planting The Seed together. A field waiting for harvest . The True harvest.

It is a joy being able to serve together with co-workers that want Jesus glorified in all that happens here. Seeds are being planted , Christ is being glorified and God will reap the harvest one day!

Look forward to The Harvest.

Plant the Seed.

Work together.

God reaps the harvest.

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