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The Voice

John 10:27

Many goats call Kodiak Baptist Mission home. Great care and love are shown to our goats. Stalls are built with great planning and care, providing a warm and safe cover from the inclement Kodiak weather. Feed troughs provide daily food as needed - when the lush green fields are not available for feeding. Daily chores of cleaning out the stalls provide a healthy, clean environment for every goat that calls Kodiak Baptist Mission home.

The goats have everything they need.

But, there are times when the goats choose to roam from the safety of their stalls and fields.

On one particular day, Eddy and I found them out roaming. They had gone astray.

With Eddy at the top of the hill , and me at the bottom, we hoped to steer the goats in the direction back to their home.

Everything went astray.

They were afraid of us - they didn’t know us. They didn’t know our voice. Some went left, some went right. We moved left, they moved right.

Two people, many goats, no order - until their keeper showed up!

Kelli knew them by name, and they knew her voice. One name called, another name called, a line formed back to the field.

All because of a voice familiar.

John 10:27 tells us : “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Just as the goats felt safe with Kelli’s voice, Kodiak Baptist Mission feels safe and trusts the voice of Jesus.

We are thankful for the familiar voice of Jesus that leads and keeps us safe in everything we do. A voice familiar to all those He loves and knows.

We pray that we always listen to his voice and follow him in everything we do at Kodiak Baptist Mission. We are thankful that Jesus provides all of our needs and keeps us safe. We praise Jesus every day for his leading and loving.

May we always be found following the One worthy to lead.

Follow Jesus.

Listen to His voice.


Eddy and Fran Campbell

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