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New Off Grid Ministry

Matt and Tammy Jones began their vital ministry work with Kodiak Baptist Mission out in the village of Ouzinkie over six years ago. They spent countless hours renovating and restoring the ministry and home there. Thanks to their skillful dedication and tireless effort Baker Cottage was restored to a beautiful state and sold, which produced funds to continue Norman and Joyce Smith's ministry on Woody Island.

See the new ministry path of Matt and Tammy below.

After 80 years of serving the Native Village of Ouzinkie, KBM has recently shifted our ministry focus away from day to day programming at the Mission House (Baker Cottage), toward a more personalized one on one ministry. We’ve sold Baker Cottage to a local family. Former Ouzinkie Directors, Matt and Tammy Jones, are establishing new avenues of service at their home on the beach, located 1.5 miles from the village.

Recently, they hosted two teenaged guys from Kodiak who needed a place to engage their energy during the Pandemic shut down of summer. Stormy and Xavian arrived at the beach ready to work, explore, serve and be mentored in any number of cool off grid, off road living skills.

Mornings and early afternoons were spent hauling wood, clearing brush, removing construction debris and burning stuff. Late afternoons and evenings were filled with kayaking, fishing, camping and collecting seagull eggs which they took into the village and distributed to the elders. Matt spent time teaching them climbing and boating knots and how to build rockets. Launching and blowing up things is always a hit!

Matt and Tammy look forward to providing a place of respite, rest, refreshing and reflection for families, couples, youth, pastors, ministry teams etc….Feel free to contact them at 907-422-7757 or

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