• Kelli Foreman

Chapel at Farm & Ranch Camp

"Letter From Jesus Dear Cowboy, I have been watchin’ you since the day I breathed life into your tiny body. I was there when you took your first steps and I remember laughing with you as you took your first ride. I was there when you went through that hard time in school. When you got older, when you felt like you couldn’t go on… I watched over you. Every time you got bucked off and hit the ground, I felt it, too. I love you more than you will ever be able to realize and I want to explain a few things to you so we can become closer together. You have been searchin’, wonderin’, lookin’, and missin’ the most important thing in the world and that is my love for you. You have been dependin’ on yourself for way too long and quite frankly, you’ve sure made a mess of things. I have some Good News though. The reason my Father sent me down here was to help you. You’ve been searchin’ for your place in this world, but your place is not down here, it’s up here with me. I have prepared a place for you in my Daddy’s house. It’s more wonderful than you could ever imagine. It is, in a very literal sense, perfect. My Father made it that way. It is so perfect that not an ounce of dirt or mud can even get in this place. You will not be able to come to my Father’s casa wearin’ those muddy boots that you live in. You can’t take your muddy boots off yourself, and quite frankly, even if you could get most of the mud off, you can’t avoid getting them muddy again. That’s where I come in. I was never muddied by sin. Because my Father is perfect and because He and I are one, we made a deal that I would become your boots for you. These boots are made out of my own flesh and blood instead of leather from a cow. You see, in order for you to have perfect boots, they must be made of something perfect. I suffered a very horrible death so these boots could be made for you. Everyone has a pair and all you have to do is ask to receive yours. There are many imitation boots our there, but there is only one pair that will grant eternal life. My boots will put a new spring in your step and reveal to you things that you never understood before. Before you come home, I am going to ask that you wear my boots for all the world to see. Use them to go out and show other cowboys and cowgirls the boots that will get them into heaven. Please don’t take these boots for granted or wear them lightly. I look forward to spending all of my time with you. Where my boots go, so do I. I will always be with you, no matter where you go. Whether the trail gets narrow or steep, the weather is cold or hot, or if you are surrounded by enemies or friends, just remember that I am there too. I send all my love to you, and with my boots comes a friend of mine that will help you along your path. You’ll receive a letter from him tomorrow. Love, Jesus"

― from "The Great Cow-Mission: Campfire Cowboy Ministries"

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