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Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Have you heard the phrase”when the fog rolls in”? It is a phrase I have heard many times , but it wasn’t until living just off the ocean that it had any true meaning. The fog does roll in. It looks like a big round tube of clouds gently moving across the ocean waves, consuming everything. It is impressive to watch.

Kodiak has experienced a lot of fog this summer. On any given day fog can roll in consuming the ocean and cover the landscape like a thick blanket. Mountains disappear, Islands become invisible, the ocean is not seen, as the waves meet the shore and buoys chime their familiar sound in the distance, giving direction and comfort.

Fog so thick it clouds your vision of what is usually seen. Familiar paths not visible. Familiar views darkened.

And then the sun breaks through. The fog disappears, the mountains appear as the neighboring islands emerge. The ocean becomes visible with every droplet of fog removed. Familiar paths visible.

Kodiak Baptist Mission clings to the One that lifts the fog. We have faith that in the times of foggy days, when our eyes can’t make out the path, when our vision is not clear, we have the comforting truth of God’s leading.

Kodiak Baptist Mission puts our faith in The One that sees beyond the fog. The One that lifts the fog. The One that we have complete faith to lead us in what we see and what we can’t.

We are thankful for a God that sees beyond the fog.

God is faithful in foggy days.

God is faithful.

Trust God.

Fran and Eddy

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