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Woody Island BUSHCRAFT
2023 Dates to Come! 

Enjoy a weekend away from the normal routine of life on the beautiful Woody Island in Kodiak, Alaska. Learn from the very best of the trade in the practices of primitive bow making, fire starting, flintlock rifle instruction, tomahawk throwing, outdoor cooking, and more.  Take advantage of  this one of a kind opportunity,  living remote, appreciating all that nature has to offer while learning real, useful tools.  

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Registration will be limited to give everyone attending the best opportunity to learn from the instructors and experience. 

Image by Gregorio Luiz Gomez

What Registration Includes

  • Transportation To and From Woody Island

  • Lodging in a Dry Cabin with shower and bathroom facilities available (You're welcome to bring your own tent and camp out)

  • All meals plus delicious Chuckwagon snacks 

  • Workshops delivered by some of the best in the craft 

  • Breakout sessions and free island fun 

  • Evening campfires 

  • Live music by the best

  • Entrance Fee for THROWDOWN event 

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How To Register

Have the following information ready to share and call or email Johnny at 907-486-4126 or email

  1. When will you be arriving to Woody Island?  Friday morning, Friday evening or Saturday morning

  2. How Many will be staying overnight for the weekend (all youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, no exceptions). 

  3. Any Food Allergies

  4. Contact Information
     (email, phone, social media handle)

  5. Anyone spending the night must sign a release and must fill out an emergency information form.  


The Lineup for the Weekend 


Alaskan Awfuls 
Johnny & Jenna Walker 
Flintlock Rifle Demo and Hands on Instruction.

Take part in a historical "x" match with all materials provided.  Instructors are the Alaskan Awfuls.  Johnny and his daughter Jenna Walker.  The kin of old times squirrel rifle builders from the hills of Appalachia.  The Alaskan Awfuls forge the popular Teeny, which is a primitive Woodbury style knife.  

Deep Fork Cattle Company
David & Sheryl Roberts 


Enjoy the very best of chuckwagon cooking provided by this husband and wife duo.  Hailing from Chandler Oklahoma these two will be bringing the best snacks each day along with stories around the fire.  


Tomahawk & Knife Throwing Champion 
Art Farnsley 


Art Farnsley is the current knife and tomahawk combined national champion of the National Muzzle  Loading Rifle Association.  Having competed in two national shoots most years since 1994, he has won the combined hawk and knife event 34 times.  He has demonstrated hawk and knife at school shows and other public gathering .  A researcher and writer, Art is also the author of five books, including flea Market Jesus (Cascade Press, 2012).


Mead Longbows
Dave Mead 


Dave Mead is the founder of Mead Longbows, renowned bowyer, and author.  he started in archery and played iwht boy making as a child.  Being trained in Martial Arts, natural archery was an easy transition for him.  Later in life Dave set out to live a more self reliant, self sufficient life and be prepared for whatever comes.  So he decided to try his hand at making his own hunting/survival equipment and he rated with bows.   Dave quickly homed in on the overall efficiency of a simple designed high performance primitive bow.  Dave believes archery has so many benefits for all ages and tries to teach and share this with eveyrone 


Special Musical Guest 
Daniel Bishop 


Special old time music each day around meal time and at the Sunday Cowboy Church Service by Louisville native Daniel Bishop. 

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Primitive Fire Starting 
Greyson Foreman 


As instructed by Greyson Foreman, age 12.  Greyson is experienced in flint and steel and will have even beginners successfully striking a flame.  Greyson spent the "WINTER OF DISCONTENT" sharpening his fire making skills on Kodiak Island, Alaska.  If you can make a fire here, you can make one anywhere.

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